Indie Game Marketing: How to spot a key scammer

One frequent indicator of a game’s success, beyond the traditional praise, of course, is the interest garnered from the more shady parts of the internet. Whether that be so-called ’cracked’ versions circulating on dodgy websites or strange key requests, a game’s release is often preyed upon by scammers, particularly in the indie community where inexperience and naivety may make you an easy target.

As you’ll see below, scammers are willing to brazenly impersonate even some of the more widely known figures in the industry. For those with little experience in dealing with games media or handling code requests, this could result in copies of your game finding their way onto the global key reselling marketplace resulting in sales you’ll never see the profit from. Unless you call them out and refund your chargebacks that is. read more

How to get the most out of working with content creators

Why work with content creators?

To most developers and PR professionals, getting a game “out there” means putting it in front of the kind of evangelist who will hopefully talk about the title they’re promoting to a dedicated audience. In most cases, this means contacting traditional games media to offer playable code, but another option, which is becoming increasingly more popular in the industry, are content creators. 

The term “content creator” broadly describes anyone making visual content about video games, usually in the form of streaming – via platforms like Twitch and Mixer – or via on-demand video platforms such as YouTube. Content creators are often also referred to as “influencers” because the type of relatable content they produce is also useful as a recommendation for a product. Although, the term influencer is often applied to them when associated with their activity on social media. Many developers and publishers are waking up to the fact that having a content creator play their game is a very powerful PR tool, but it is one which must be approached with care. read more

Discord – is it worth my time?

Unless you’ve only just awoken from a very long coma, you’ll likely be aware of Discord – the voice and chat application used by video game fans the world over. Gaming’s social media killer app launched back in 2014 as a much more competent and modern alternative to teamspeak applications and has continued to be updated by various quality of life improvements ever since. Since its inception, it has become one of the defacto places for various gaming communities to set up camp within various dedicated “servers”. The fact that they now host a game marketplace should give you more of an idea of how popular this app is within the video game community. read more