Publisher Pitch Support

We know how to pitch your indie game to publishers – and we’re looking forward to passing on that knowledge to you!

Publisher pitching support for indie game developers .

In an increasingly competitive market, many indie game developers are looking to publishers to help support and fund their game development and marketing activities. But how can you attract their attention in the first place? What makes a perfect publisher pitch?

Our agency has extensive connections within the indie game publishing space, and has helped dozens of indie game studios attract the attention of publishers both large and small. Here’s how we can help…

Part of our pitch presentation for Hauntii by Moonloop Games

Publisher pitching services .

We offer a range of indie game publisher pitching services, all tailored to the needs of indie game developers around the world. We take a highly consultative approach to our work, helping you to refine what you have to offer to make it stand out in the crowd, and wrap it up in a way that makes sense to the people you're trying to reach!

Consulting & Production Support

We can work with you to help you understand the value a publisher can bring to your production, and how to get the support you need. We can help you put together the plans and data that publishers will be looking for.

Pitch Decks & Presentations

We can craft slick, attractive, branded presentations that help your game stand out from the crowd. We know how to grab publishers' attention, and which info to foreground to make your game an attractive prospect.

Personalised Introductions

If we believe we know the perfect fit for your game, we're happy to make personalised introductions to get you in front of the right people at the right publishers - letting them know why we think you're a great match.

Work with our publisher pitching team !

We have a small, hands-on, experienced marketing team to help your game achieve its goals. Between us we have several decades of experience marketing video games, including both agency- and publisher-side experience. So get in touch, and let's talk!