Journalist? Blogger? Streamer or YouTuber? We want your insight!

Are you a games journalist, blogger, streamer or YouTuber? We’re looking for people who fall into that category – whether professionally or as a hobby – who can spare ten or fifteen minutes to complete a quick survey for us.

The survey – which can be completed anonymously – is about your experiences of interacting with game developers and PR people, as well as what sorts of things you’re looking to cover in 2019. We’ll use it to help improve the ways we work with you folks, and we’re also planning to use the data to help us compile a report, which we’ll release publicly (we won’t include any personally identifying information in the report unless you expressly give us permission to do so).

We’ll go into a little more depth about why we’re doing this survey below, but in the meantime, t would be super if you could share this around your friends who work in the games media, too.

Here’s that survey link again.

What’s this all about, then?

The games media landscape moves with a pace I’ve rarely seen elsewhere. As journalists move between publications, readership trends shift and undulate, and streaming platforms rise and fall in popularity, we often hear journalists and other media figures say: “We wish game developers and PRs better understood our jobs and how they can help us out!”

And so, we’re trying to do just that.

We’re trying to get as many people as possible within the games media – whether professional or amateur – to answer a few questions that will give us a better picture of how things are trending in 2019. What you’re looking to do more and less of. What you’re finding helpful and unhelpful. We have as little interest in sending you crap as you do in receiving it – so we’re trying to better understand what ‘crap’ means to you, and learn how to avoid it!

We also want to help others. Should we get enough responses, our plan is to compile a report that explains, concisely and helpfully, what the games media landscape is looking like in 2019, and how indie developers and other PRs can best work with the media during these hyper-competitive times.

So, one more time, that survey link again. Thanks so much!

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