The Influence of Influencers

The term influencer is something that has become ubiquitous within online marketing over the past few years, particularly with regard to video games, with streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch dominating the online space. Any conversations you’ll hear around marketing and PR for games these days will no doubt involve some mention of the benefit of influencers. So, what does that mean if you’re trying to promote an indie game?

Why influencers matter for indie game PR and marketing

With live streaming increasingly becoming a part of people’s everyday life, and the popularity of video content causing a notable shift in media consumption, it seems influencers will become a permanent fixture in marketing strategies moving forward. It’s easy to see the benefits in someone like Markiplier playing your game on his channel in front of millions of viewers. He has an established fan base and has built up a level of trust with his audience, but, in reality, the chance of most indie games making the cut is unlikely. read more

Demystifying earned media: how does indie game PR really work?

Public relations can seem like a strange and arcane art sometimes. This oft-misunderstood promotional field confuses even the most seasoned of marketing veterans with its nebulous nature and sometimes unpredictable results. Even the biggest brands often struggle to deploy public relations effectively – so how does indie game PR really work?

The three media: paid vs owned vs earned

In the media space, we often talk about ‘paid media’, ‘owned media’ and ‘earned media’. Understanding these three distinct areas is key to understanding the role, purpose and process of PR. read more