Things We Do

Our work revolves around developing the right message for your game, finding the right ways to spread that message, then getting that message in front of the right people. That can take many forms. But we realise that’s a bit woolly, so here’s a list of the things we typically help developers out with.

PR and marketing strategy
Deep-diving into your aims, objectives and audience, and devising a bespoke, long-term plan of action that meets your needs.

Announcement, preview, and launch campaigns
Impactful projects to get your biggest stories in front of as many people as possible.

Press and influencer relations
Connecting the dots between you and the media. Pitching, introductions, and more.

Managing appearances, negotiating rates, booking press appointments, and staffing stands.

Social media and community management
Ongoing content management to engender engaged communities for your game or studio.

Game evaluations
Our years of experience have given us an eagle eye for what’s marketable in your game, and what isn’t.

Mock reviews & focus groups
Find out what the media and your players are likely to say about your game — before it’s too late to change anything!

Digital marketing
Targeted online advertising to guarantee the right eyes on your content.

Copywriting and asset production
Game descriptions, trailers, websites and more.

Consultation and media training
Helping you gain the right skills to take the lead on your own PR and marketing!