Sky of Tides

Canadian studio Lofty Sky Entertainment first approached us to help flesh out their product positioning for a new story-driven game. Several years later, our work with Lofty Sky has developed into a comprehensive agency package across the B2C and B2B spaces...

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Aiming for the skies

Lofty Sky Entertainment has a rich history in telling intricate and engaging stories across a variety of media. As well as their visual novel / action game hybrid Shuyan Saga, Lofty Sky were put forward as Canada’s entry for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film with their semi-animated documentary Eternal Spring.

Lofty Sky came to us in early 2021 for help positioning their new game, Sky of Tides, in the market. As we began to undertake this strategic process together, we identified an opportunity to reach beyond the project’s original scope and ambition, and aim for something bigger than had before been expected…

Undertaking robust market research and competitor analysis, we identified that Tides in its current form ran the risk of being compared to a plethora of other titles in the visual novel / narrative game space. This space was becoming increasingly competitive, and it was clear that Tides would need to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

Working with Lofty Sky to understand their aims, ambitions and limitations, we highlighted ways in which Sky of Tides could be refined and optimised in service of USPs that would help it to reach a bigger audience and make a bigger impact. Lofty Sky’s team went away and made changes to the game design at the prototype stage, reimaging the game as something halfway between an RPG and a narrative adventure game, before returning to us the following year to undertake next steps.

“That all-too-rarely explored sweet spot between point-and-click adventure and RPG. Honestly, I want to be playing it already.”


With the game now shaping up into something new and exciting, we began work on a strategy to build up to launch. We began speaking of the game as an ‘RPG-lite’, whereby traditional RPG mechanics were pared back in support of the game’s enchanting story, character-building, and in-game world. We crafted a plan to ‘re-announce’ the game via a combination of a PR campaign, a digital advertising campaign, and extensive social media and community building – helping the studio to refine the alpha version of their game as an incentive to join their Discord server and attract the press.

When the game was re-announced in the summer of 2022, it achieved high-profile media coverage from the likes of Kotaku and PC Gamer, and began to draw interest on social media channels. Working in collaboration with Lofty Sky in order to maximise their budget and take advantage of their in-house resources, we crafted new trailers and tailored their Discord server for increased interaction and engagement. And via a highly targeted digital advertising campaign, we sent hundreds of thousands of potential fans toward their Steam page, resulting in almost 10,000 wishlist additions – long before the planned release of the game – giving the game a competitive advantage on the platform and yielding a higher baseline of organic wishlists.

Throughout this process we have also acted as consultants to Lofty Sky, with a focus on both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing opportunities. We helped Lofty Sky to refine their pitch deck, emphasising what makes the game special and why it is an exciting commercial opportunity – showcasing both its unique facets and its potential to appeal to a large audience of both adventure and roleplaying fans.

We continue to work with Lofty Sky on this and other projects as Sky of Tides heads toward its release.

“We’ve been working with Game If You Are for a couple years now and they’ve been a key part of our success. Their insights on the industry are always so on-point, and they know how to position your game for the best chance at success. They’ve secured us high-profile press coverage and helped us get well on our way to 10,000 Steam Wishlists before our game launches. GIYA aren’t just focused on doing stuff, they are really focused on getting you results, and I love that about this marketing agency.”


Creative Director, Lofty Sky Entertainment