Agency / Client Code of Conduct

At Game If You Are, we believe that the best work comes from effective, collaborative professional relationships. We also believe wholeheartedly in inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect. As such, we commit to the following Code of Conduct and ask that all of our clients and partners do the same.

Last updated 10th March 2021

General Conduct

Our work together constitutes a professional relationship. We each agree to engage in this relationship in good faith, using our best reasonable efforts, and acting in the spirit of collaboration. We agree to always treat each other with respect – including respect for each other’s time, knowledge and expertise, privacy and personal life, opinions and beliefs.

Bullying and Harassment

We each agree not to engage in any form of bullying or harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, any behaviour that could be perceived by the recipient as intimidating or threatening, coercive, humiliating, harmful, offensive, or otherwise uncomfortable; the use of foul, abusive, sexual, or excessively informal or intimate language, whether directed at or used about another person; or any other unwanted or unprofessional behaviour. This applies both to our interactions with each other and with any third party we may work with during the course of our agreement.

Discrimination and Prejudice

We each commit to opposing all forms of discrimination and prejudice. We will treat each other – and any third parties we work with – with the same respect regardless of race or nationality, sex or gender identity or expression, physical appearance or body size, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, disability, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, or any other protected characteristic.

Potentially Upsetting Content

Creative endeavours such as video games sometimes contain sensitive, controversial, or potentially upsetting subject matter or material. We each agree that, before sharing any such material with each other, we will ensure that the other party is comfortable receiving it. We each understand that people’s varied backgrounds, cultures and life experiences may mean people respond differently to different materials and topics, and we will each be mindful of this when discussing or sharing product or marketing content with each other.


We each agree to hold ourselves and each other accountable under this Code of Conduct. In the event that either of us feels that the other party is not meeting one or more of the expectations set out above, we will respectfully inform the other party and remind them of their commitments under this Code of Conduct.

We each understand, acknowledge and agree that a serious breach of this Code of Conduct – or a failure to correct any such behaviour upon receipt of notice from the other party – may result in the other party terminating our agreement for breach of contract.