Proper PR and marketing. Indie game price.

We’re peerless in our experience of the indie games media and marketing space. Our micro-agency specialises in publicising indie games by taking a highly consultative approach — establishing exactly what your game needs in order to stand out, then working with you to make that happen.

Our service is…

Campaigns don’t exist in a bubble, and people don’t rush out to buy a product they’ve only see in once place. We specialise in designing multi-channel campaigns that reinforce your message over a period of time.

Our campaigns play to your biggest strength as an indie: you. We offer a deeply personal service, ensuring your own expertise and enthusiasm as an indie game developer shines through.

Indies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a solo developer or an established studio, we’ll recommend the right package for you — or even devise you a completely bespoke solution!

We have no aspirations of a swanky London or New York office. They’re expensive, and we don’t need one. We set up Game If You Are to work for indies, and that means our prices reflect that — with our cost savings passed on at every turn.

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