Game If You Are Summer Sale

Game If You Are Summer Sale

…because Steam won’t give you any visibility

tl;dr – We’re discounting all our campaigns by 20% during the Steam Summer Sale to help indie devs cut through the Steam-powered noise. Contact us to get started!

The Steam Summer Sale has begun, with thousands of titles offered at a fraction of their usual price – including countless indie games. It’s an opportunity for potential players to pick up your game for just a fraction of the usual price, and a great chance to win over a collection of new fans. The only problem is, Steam won’t be telling anyone about your discount.

Over the past few years, Steam – once the holy grail of indie game distribution – has systematically taken apart all the features that used to give indie games a chance. By ending home page curation, limiting the effectiveness of visibility rounds and, most recently, removing ‘recent updates’ from its home page, Steam now offers enormous visibility for the games that are already doing well (typically, the ones with enormous, publisher-backed marketing budgets), and essentially nothing for smaller independent releases.

We don’t doubt their model – we’re sure it works for them, commercially – but it’s a crying shame. Steam was once a bastion of smaller studios, a place that, should you be able to impress the gatekeepers enough to let you in, would finally help your game to find the audience it deserved. The launch of Steam Greenlight in 2012 was supposed to streamline the process – to allow the very best indie games, the most deserving, to be voted onto the platform by the community, where they could finally see success.

Instead, the platform quickly deteriorated into a mess of thousands of greenlit titles and, recently, Valve did away with it altogether – effectively making Steam a completely open platform, an over-saturated indie game market destined to go the way of the App Store, where only the developers with the biggest marketing budgets have any chance of recouping their investment.

We launched Game If You Are to give a voice to those who don’t have the biggest marketing budgets. Those who are passionate about making fantastic creative interactive products, even if it means struggling to make ends meet. And we feel a little bit like Valve has turned its back on the development community that helped it become the most powerful video games distributor on the planet.

That’s why, for the duration of this year’s Steam Summer Sale, we’re offering a 20% discount on all new marketing and PR campaigns*.

Okay, it might not be the 50, 60, 70 per cent discounts that some of the biggest games might be able to offer this Summer Sale (alas, we’d very quickly go bust if we did that) but it’s what we can do to help give your games that better chance of visibility as Steam heads into its disconcerting new phase of existence.

To have a chat about how we might be able to help, fill in our contact form or email Lewis Denby at lewis[at]gameifyouare[dot]com.

*Offer applies to any new quotes or proposals provided and accepted between 22 June 2017 and 5 July 2017. Minimum campaign value £500 after discount. Game If You Are reserves the right to choose not to provide you with a proposal if it does not feel your game or studio is a good fit for its service. Subject to capacity and availability. All campaigns are subject to terms and conditions described more fully in the proposal.