Case Study – Figment

Case Study – Figment

Bedtime Digital Games were working on their second major release, Figment, and needed some help publicising it. From the initial PC launch, we worked together across the game’s full product launch cycle, promoting the game on multiple platforms over an 18-month period.

“Game If You Are provided comprehensive long-term support across PR, events, and strategy. Their input was invaluable, and ensured we gained coverage from media we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.”

Klaus Pedersen | CEO | Bedtime Digital Games

Project type: Long-term / product launch cycle | Services: Public relations / Events management

Bedtime Digital Games were working on their second major release, Figment – a puzzle action adventure with a strong focus on music. They needed a PR partner to help guide them towards a staged multiplatform release, starting with the PC version of the game, then moving into console launches.

Figment was a vital game for Bedtime, and it was important to them to have a robust strategy and meaningful interest well in advance of launch. Therefore, they approached us to begin working together early in 2017, with a PC launch planned for September.

It was immediately clear that Figment offered a striking audiovisual experience which was likely to resonate with fans of artful indie games. We positioned Figment as “a musical adventure” and focused in on the songs ‘performed’ by enemies in the game, pitching Figment to the media as “an indie game that also happens to be a full-blown musical” – something that resonated widely and was adopted as a key descriptor by the video game media.

In order to generate top-tier attention, we commissioned an impactful trailer and released this as part of a game reveal campaign, in which we also attended video game expos and managed preview appointments with the press. Our aim was to generate consistent and ongoing pre-release coverage that increased in volume and potency as the game neared release. We placed musician Stöj Snak – who composed the game’s soundtrack as well as contributing to game design – front-and-centre of the campaign, securing multiple interviews for major publications that allowed us to generate content outside the usual news-preview-review press cycle.

In September, we launched Figment’s PC version – with a ‘live launch party’ at the EGX show in Birmingham, England. Stöj Snak played a guerrilla acoustic set in the middle of the show floor, where dozens of people turned up to listen to the music, have a glass of free champagne, and play Figment before anyone else.

Figment’s PC version became one of the indie hits of 2017, and Bedtime Digital chose to retain us to work on the title’s forthcoming console launches. Throughout the whole process, flexibility was key – as the staged multiplatform release meant being beholden to platform holders’ requirements and dates. We built in key milestone reviews to adjust and refine the plan of action accordingly, ensuring we could keep up momentum while planning for the unexpected.

We developed a strategy to utilise positive media coverage to encourage Nintendo to feature the game on the eShop, yielding significant additional visibility. We then built on this momentum when the game later launched on PS4, resulting in yet more positive press coverage for the game.

Overall, Figment was covered by almost every noteworthy video games publication on the planet – from IGN to Gamespot, PC Gamer to Nintendo Life, and beyond. It was heralded upon launch, with VideoGamer referring to its ‘outstanding’ musical work, God is a Geek describing it as a game in which “there is so much to love,” and PC Gamer’s glowing review stating: “it really captures my imagination” and the game went on to win multiple awards.