Game If You Are is a marketing and PR agency that specialises in indie games. Our entire business model is built around the support of small studios, solo developers, and micro-publishers.

Founded in 2016 and based primarily in Brighton on the south coast of the UK, we were brought together by a shared love of the creativity, innovation, and passion of the indie games scene – and a belief that the creators within it deserve better, more bespoke services, to help them attain the attention they deserve.

With more games being released than ever before, the sad reality is that most indie games fail commercially. We don’t make spurious promises, and we can’t work miracles. What we can do is put your game in the best possible position to beat the odds, via a tailored, strategic approach that works to understand what will make your game appeal to your audience – you’ll find no ‘marketing by numbers’ here.

We’re peerless in our experience of the indie games marketing and media space.

We’re a small six-person team, but between us we have more than 35 years of experience working in and around indie games. Our backgrounds combine not just marketing and PR, but also journalism, production, business management, and even game design and development.

As an agency, we’ve worked on more than 150 game marketing projects since 2016. And before that, our team had worked for marketing agencies, video game websites, YouTube channels, publishers, distributors, and in-house at indie game studios. It means we understand the process top to bottom – from game ideation to post-launch retention – and we know how everything fits together.

We understand indies, and that no two developers or publishers are the same. Our process is designed to be flexible, holistic, and budget-conscious.

Big-name marketing agencies cost a lot of money, and indie game developers are often priced out. We wanted to buck the trend by creating a service model designed to flex and wrap around the needs of individual clients – at a price that makes sense for small studios, solo developers, and micro-publishers.

We work exclusively with small businesses, and our agency is set up accordingly. We have no aspirations of a swanky London or New York office, because they’re expensive, and we don’t need one. We’re always looking for these sorts of cost-savings and efficiencies – so we can keep our prices down, without skimping on quality.

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