Game for what, exactly?

We do indie game PR.

Not “indie game press releases” or “indie game continually email the same ten journalists even though they’re never going to reply” or “indie game Steam will do all our marketing for us anyway right?” – but indie game PR. Proper PR, for indie games.

This means we don’t just mailshot your game and hope for the best. We sit down, figure out what your game needs in order to be a hit, and then help you make that happen. There’s no point wasting everyone’s time pretending something’s good when it’s not – so instead, we make sure everything you’re putting out there is genuinely awesome.

Oh – and we’re specifically an indie PR company. Independent. Small. We’re based in London, but we don’t have a swanky London office, because they’re expensive and we don’t need one. It means we can charge less than half what other agencies do, and still eat more than beans and bread. Work with us and so can you!

Founded by former games journalist and long-serving indie game guy Lewis Denby, Game If You Are is a small consultancy, a collective of skilled games publicists, and the number one choice for small studios and solo developers.