Game for what, exactly?

We do indie game PR.

Not “indie game press releases” or “indie game continually email the same ten journalists even though they’re never going to reply” or “indie game Steam will do all our marketing for us anyway right?” – but indie game PR. Proper PR, for indie games.

This means we don’t just mailshot your game and hope for the best. We sit down, figure out what your game needs in order to be a hit, and then help you make that happen. There’s no point wasting everyone’s time pretending something’s good when it’s not – so instead, we make sure everything you’re putting out there is genuinely awesome.

Oh – and we’re specifically an indie PR company. Independent. Small. We’re based in London, but we don’t have a swanky London office, because they’re expensive and we don’t need one. It means we can charge less than half what other agencies do, and still eat more than beans and bread. Work with us and so can you!

And who the heck are you?

We are two people, except when we need to be more than two people. Every project is different, so often we’ll collaborate with others in order to do the best job. But at our cold, dark core, we are:

lewisLewis Denby

Founder / Director. Was a journalist back in the day, for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, PC Zone, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra, The Telegraph, and probably more places that he’s forgotten / didn’t pay him on time and thus waived their right to a mention. A decade in and around indie games – across PR/marketing, project management and production – and made a some corporate client games you won’t have heard of. He’s made a few indie games himself, too. Lewis leads campaign strategy, nags the press, and tells you not to bloody release your indie game in October.

Yara Magariño

Campaign Manager. One of those pesky people with two (count ’em) degrees, meaning she can claim mad skills in both business and marketing. Former Sony PlayStation product management type, plus stints at various publishers and PR houses. Marketing strategist and stickler for detail: she’ll expect a good answer when she asks you what your target audience is. Devises, develops and manages promotional campaigns for our clients, especially ones that require more than traditional PR.