Game If You Are partners with Mistaken Visions to launch The Piano this Spring

I’m delighted to be able to announce today that Game If You Are has forged an exciting new partnership with Berlin-based indie studio Mistaken Visions to bring their noir horror adventure The Piano to Steam this Spring.

While the bulk of the work we do is in for-hire PR consultation, we occasionally spot a project or meet a developer that we believe could benefit from a more holistic partnership. In this case, we first started working with creator Jonathan Stemmildt around 18 months ago, helping Mistaken Visions to start spreading the word about their game. But as time went on, and as the game began to take shape, we really started to see how much potential the project had. So we spoke to Jonathan to see if we could help out and, I’m very pleased to say, Jonathan said we could indeed.

We’re still going to be handling The Piano’s public relations moving forward, as well as more broad-strokes marketing. But this partnership also allows us to spread our wings a little and contribute directly to the project itself. Over the past month we’ve already collaborated with Mistaken Visions on a full design sweep, a QA testing phase and, perhaps most excitingly of all, we’ve been able to gather and begin recording a full cast of voice actors, to breathe even more life into the wonderful characters Jonathan and his team have created.

It’s a really exciting project for Game If You Are, and for me personally. As well as PR and marketing, I have a background in production, so it’s been super to step back into a producer role and help to steer the ship toward a May 2018 release.

The Steam page is up now, and we’d all love you a billion if you added it to your Wishlist.

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