We’ve helped a wide range of indie studios, solo developers, and small publishing houses achieve the best possible results for their games and their brands. Here’s a handful of case studies showcasing some of our recent projects.

Not For Broadcast

“In today’s indie market, it’s very hard to get attention. Finding the right angle and narrative to accompany the game, to make it stand out among dozens of other daily releases and news beats, is a true art. Game If You Are truly understand it and approach this challenge creatively, with great results.”
Ivan Slovtsov | Producer | tinyBuild

Armor Games Studios

“Taking a personal approach, Game If You Are are able to surface key elements in our games to match them with press and players who will genuinely be interested. It’s that level of detail that gets results, and is one of the many reasons we’re excited to continue working with them.”
Sean MacKenzie | Director of Publishing | Armor Games Studios

Unbound: Worlds Apart

“Launching a Kickstarter takes months of planning and preparation, and it’s here where Game If You Are helped us a lot – devising the right strategy, setting the objectives, building hype in the press, and growing our community. As a result, our campaign hit 165% of its funding goal!”
Sergiu Craitoiu Co-founder | Alien Pixel Studios

We work with a wide range of indie game clients – from solo developers, to small studios, to publishers and brands that work with small games businesses. Here are just a few of the dozens we’ve worked with over the years.